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Digz Gardener High Performance Women’s Gardening Gloves: Product Review


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A terrific glove to light- to medium-duty gardening tasks.

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These gardening gloves from Digz have become my favorite for general gardening work. They’re not a heavy-duty glove for rugged jobs, so if that’s what you need check out something like the highly-rated Work Gloves from Duluth Trading Company. But for everyday tasks like pruning, raking, watering, and planting, these gardening gloves are terrific.

Comfortable Fit

These gloves are clearly made to fit the unique proportions of a woman’s hand, rather than simply being a scaled-down version of a man’s glove. As a result, they’re incredibly comfortable, with no gaping, no extra-long or wide fingers, and a nice snug fit.

The Digz gloves run a little on the small side so I recommend buying a size larger than you normally would. I usually wear a size small but for the Digz High Performance gloves I wear a medium.

Even here in the heat of Tucson, these gloves never feel too hot and my hands don’t sweat like they do in full leather gloves (like the Bionic ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves – they’re fantastic gloves but I prefer not to use them in really hot weather).

The palms are made of synthetic leather that’s highly flexible. It’s a lot thinner than I’d expected (probably why it’s so flexible) but holds up well to regular use. Still, I wouldn’t use these gloves for tasks like scrabbling around in gravel, moving rocks or logs, or anything else involving rough surfaces.

The back of the gloves and sides of the fingers are made from stretchy and breathable spandex. The glove moves with your hand, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

The thin layer of foam padding sewn into the palms and across the back of the knuckles provides enough cushioning for everyday gardening tasks and makes the gloves even more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Digz gloves padding

There’s just the right amount of comfortable padding in all the right places.

Lots of Great Features

Some of the features of the Digz High Performance gloves that I really like are:

  • A wide, stretchy neoprene cuff with Velcro closure that’s comfortable, adjusts to fit snugly around your wrist without inhibiting wrist movement and completely stops dirt and debris from getting into the glove.
Digz gloves velcro closure

The gloves are easy to close with the adjustable Velcro and neoprene cuff.

  • A large synthetic leather pull tab on the underside of the wrist to help you pull on the glove without damaging it. So many other gardening gloves have a flimsy pull tab that breaks off or tears the glove, or are missing this feature entirely.
Digz gloves wrist tab

The large pull tab makes it easy to pull the gloves on and off.

  • A layer of synthetic leather reinforcement along the inside of the thumb and forefinger. This is an area that often chafes or wears when raking or digging so the extra protection is most welcome.
  • Incredible flexibility of the materials gives you as much dexterity as you have when not wearing gloves. When wearing these Digz gardening gloves I can tie knots, pick up small items and gently hold fragile stems without crushing them – things that aren’t always easy to do when wearing gardening gloves.
  • Double-stitched seams for added durability.
  • The gloves are machine washable. Just throw them in the washer (on cold) and then air dry flat. Unlike real leather gloves, these don’t end up stiff and hard when they dry. They’ve been through the wash several times and come out nice and clean each time.
Digz gloves easy clean

Just toss them in the washing machine and hang dry – they come out almost like new.

Touchscreen Compatible & Terrycloth Thumb – Worthwhile?

The feature that’s touted as a big deal for the Digz High Performance gloves is the touchscreen compatible fingertips, meaning that you can use your phone (or tablet) while wearing the gloves. The thumb and first two fingertips have a special material that’s supposed to “repel” dirt so you don’t damage the screen when moving your fingertip across the surface.

In theory that sounds nice. But, realistically, I’m not going to grab my phone with a pair of sandy, dirt-covered gloves and then start rubbing my finger on the screen. Even if the fingertip is relatively clean, the gloves most definitely are not. And so the phone ends up with a layer of grit on the screen that then scratches it when you swipe the surface.

Having said that, I did test the gloves on an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 (while the gloves were clean!) and it does work as described. I had no trouble swiping or tapping. But typing – nope (fat finger problems). And obviously you can’t unlock the iPhone with your fingerprint.

Another feature (and I see this on quite a few gloves these days) is the terrycloth on the back of the thumb. It’s meant to let you wipe your brow while gardening. When the gloves are clean, it’s great. But if you’re planting, digging or working around cactus (like I do), you’re not going to want to wipe the dirt and embedded cactus thorns across your forehead!

Whether the touchscreen compatible fingertips and terrycloth thumb are seen as positives really depends on how you use the gloves. If you’re a hands-on gardener who likes to get their hands in the dirt, those features won’t be particularly helpful. But if you use the gloves primarily for pruning and deadheading, raking leaves or other lighter-duty gardening tasks, then they’re great.

How Well Do They Hold Up?

Many people expect gardening gloves to last at least a season. That’s not always realistic, depending on your environment and what kinds of things you do in the garden.

I’m tough on gloves – I garden in sandy soil with lots of rocks and gravel that quickly wear through even the sturdiest gloves. Even simple tasks like hand weeding will wear out glove fingertips as I move aside gravel to get at the weeds.

So I’m pleasantly surprised at how well these Digz gloves have held up. I’ve used them almost every day for two months – and as you can see from the photo below, I’ve really used them. There’s obvious wear on the touchscreen fingertips (no holes though) but everything else still looks great. There are no split seams or unraveled stitching.

Digz gloves touchscreen fingertips

There’s wear on the touchscreen fingertips but the gloves have held up remarkably well.

On the downside, the gloves don’t have reinforced fingertips so I don’t expect them to last as long as something with that extra layer of protection. Then again, the lack of reinforcement gives you better “feel” when doing delicate tasks.

The Digz gloves are made in China.


The Digz High Performance gloves are terrific for light – to medium-duty gardening tasks. They’re comfortable, flexible and breathable, with great dexterity, extra padding in all the right places, and a snug, adjustable wrist closure that keeps dirt out. If you’re not going to get the gloves dirty, they work well with a touchscreen phone and the terrycloth thumb backing is nice for wiping sweat off your face. The Digz gloves have quickly become my gloves of choice for everyday gardening jobs and, at only about $10 a pair, they’re a great deal.

Where to Buy

The Digz High Performance Women’s Gardening Gloves are sold at many Home Depot stores, as well as online through a wide variety of retailers. Your best bet though is probably on Amazon where they’re shipped and sold directly by Amazon.com.

A terrific glove to light- to medium-duty gardening tasks

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  1. Noeline Beaurgard

    I am disgusted with digs gloves as they were the most expensive at Mitre 10 when I bought them, and put them aside as a back up when my present one were worn out. On Jan. 1st 2020 I decided I would start out the year with new gloves to cut back my shrubs. I used them once and the felt type coating all started to come off. I took them back to Mitre 10 but because I didn’t have my receipt they only replaced them with a cheaper garden glove. You can understand my disappointment, after buying top quality gloves. Please can you help. Sincerely Noeline Beaurgard

    • Noeline, I’m sorry you’ve had such a poor experience with the gloves. The Digz high-performance gloves that we reviewed are some of the cheapest gloves on the market here in the USA and, for the price, are an excellent option. But, as mentioned, they’re not for heavy-duty work. Unfortunately, we cannot help. We’re not affiliated with the company in any way – we only review gardening products.

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