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The Dramm Corporation

The Dramm Corporation, located in Manitowoc, WI, has been a leader in watering tools and accessories for over 75 years.

Dramm Corporation first began in the 1940s when growers turned to florist and inventor, John G. Dramm, requesting a better way to water their plants. John’s solution was the invention of the Aluminum 400 Water Breaker® which is still the standard in hand watering tools across the world today. News quickly spread about this innovative watering tool and requests for the nozzle were received.

While the original products were designed for the professionals working in greenhouses and nurseries, requests from the public were building. The avid home gardener wanted to use the same watering tools the “pros” were using. And the “pros” were all using Dramm.

Today, Dramm’s home gardening products has expanded into a full line of Rain Wands™, sprinklers, watering tools accessories, cutting tools and a line of all-natural fertilizer. The spirit of innovation and commitment to a solution continues today at Dramm. With every product Dramm produces, the intent is to provide quality, durable and professional watering tools, accessories and natural fertilizers to nurseries, greenhouses and avid gardeners nationwide. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy while providing quality products that will last a lifetime.

Website: www.dramm.com

Customer Service: (920) 684-0227

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