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Split Leg Utility Apron from Gardener’s Supply Company: Product Review


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The Gardener’s Split-Leg Utility Apron is a little bulky, but sturdy and helpful for toting and keeping track of garden tools.

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The Split Leg Utility Apron is a garden organizing tool from Gardener’s Supply Company. The all-cotton apron is a sturdy garden helper that can protect clothes (especially knees) from mud and wear when kneeling to deadhead your favorite flowers or gather food and herbs from your garden. As a gardener with stained jeans, I appreciate that feature. The apron is a handy way to carry tools wherever you go in the yard and bring in your herb, flower or vegetable harvest.


The Split-Front Gardening Apron folds up nicely.


The split begins 19 inches from the apron top (waist). The purpose of the split-leg design is to allow you to kneel easily on one or both legs without your knees being “trapped” by a tight apron. The length of the front allows the flap over each leg to fold under the knee when bending. The apron ties in the back, fitting waists up to 60 inches in diameter.

gardeners supply split leg

The apron is designed to fold under a knee when kneeling. I had to help it along most of the time but tested on windy days.


The designers of the apron thought of gardeners when they set the placement and size of the pockets. Smaller pockets near the waist are perfect for seed packets, notepads, or even a phone; these have various opening sizes, with narrow pockets helping secure thin objects like pencils or scissors, and wider openings for gloves.

gardeners supply split apron pockets phone

The apron has plenty of pockets of different sizes and levels.

There are two rows of top pockets, making it easy to “draw” your favorite tool when you need it. A large pocket down the right leg (5.5 inches wide x 7.75 inches high) has a Velcro closure to secure heavy or important objects.

gardeners supply split apron velcro pocket

This sturdy pocket with a Velcro “button” down the right thigh is especially useful.


The Split-Leg Utility Apron is made of heavy-duty cotton. I found it a little bulky for my size (about 5’5″), but I think that’s necessary for longevity and carrying heavier tools in its pockets. The apron appears to have reinforced stitching around all seams and pocket edges, and looks and feels like it could stand up to heavy use for years.

gardeners supply apron close stitching

Here’s a close-up of the fabric, stitching and metal rivet above the large pocket. The design looks and feels sturdy.


Gardener’s Supply Company offers a 100 percent guarantee on every purchase. They’ll refund the full purchase price (minus shipping) for any product that doesn’t work as described in their catalog.


I’ve used plenty of totes for gardening tools and they work great for moving tools from our shed to the garden. But once I’m bouncing from task to task, I inevitably lose my pruners, scissors or trowel. I was able to easily place tools in the pockets and let them travel along with me. The apron also leaves both hands free. I can see this coming in handy for late afternoon trips outside to check, water and harvest edibles from your garden. You can easily place a few cucumbers in the pockets or carry recycled bags in the apron for lettuce leaves or large harvests.

gardeners supply split apron back tie

The back tie is plenty long and sturdy, but so stiff it loosens up a bit with movement.

I wouldn’t say this apron is a must-have for gardeners, but I recommend the apron for saving time with quick access to common tools, especially if you constantly misplace them. It’s also helpful if you have to kneel often in mud. I could even see this utility apron working for painting and other home improvement projects. It is a bit large for smaller gardeners but should still work. The waist tie was a little stiff and seemed to loosen and droop some as I moved around, but I washed the apron (in cold water) and dried it on medium heat, which softened the tie and the entire apron.  Problem solved!

gardeners supply final pockets

The split-front gardening apron holds plenty of gardening tools.


The Gardener’s Split Leg Utility Apron is available directly from Gardener’s Supply Company for $22.46 (plus shipping $10.50) and No products found. from Amazon for $29.95 (plus shipping $9.99)

No products found.

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