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Radius GardenThe idea for Radius Garden grew out of some blisters, sore wrists, and frustrating
experiences with low quality tools that broke in a single season. It was more of a sudden
inspiration than a business plan. It was a light bulb flashing, “Why not make better garden tools that won’t hurt you?”

At Radius Garden, we have ignored tradition and nonsense, rethinking every aspect of
every tool we make so you can have a better, more comfortable gardening experience.
Radius Garden was founded because it bothers us that traditional garden tools force you to use your hands and wrists in ways that can cause injuries. Four out of five gardeners are injured every year while gardening. OSHA reports that 75% of all cumulative stress injuries are to the wrist and hand. Many, if not most, of these injuries can be prevented by better tool design.

Many manufacturers use “ergonomic” to describe the same old tools they’ve been selling for decades. They add some bumps or contours to the handle, or make they grip fatter. But, the only thing that’s really different is the packaging with the word “ergonomic.”

We call this “ergo-nonsense.” Don’t be fooled by it!

We believe that truly advanced ergonomic design ignores tradition and uses the most
current research into human factors and tool usage. Our patented, Natural Radius GripTM, maximizes your power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress. Our sleek, multi-functional blades make home and professional gardening easier and more enjoyable.

We started by inventing the Natural Radius Grip for hand tools — a handle that sets your
wrists and hand in a natural, neutral position. Next, we perfected the “O” handle that makes longer tools safer and easier to use. Now, with critical acclaim and sincere endorsement from both experts and everyday users, we’ve evolved from the “original green” to fashionable, fun color assortments, and we very much look forward to every gardener using our products!

Once you try our products, you will never go back to traditional tools.

Website:  www.radiusgarden.com

Customer Service: 734-222-8044

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