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Melnor_Logo_RGBAll journeys begin with a first step. For Melnor, that first step came in 1946. Soon, Melnor introduced the first successful oscillating sprinkler for the home market. Over the years Melnor has maintained an unparalleled commitment to product innovation, quality and customer service. Throughout the journey, retailers have come to rely on Melnor; partnering to grow their business.

This year, we are introducing our first internet controlled water timer. Homeowners can now program or adjust their watering using a smart phone, tablet or computer…from anywhere on Earth.

We are proud to say that 2016 marks our 70th anniversary. At Melnor, we are looking forward to reimagining gardening and helping home gardeners grow healthy lawns, beautiful flowers and bountiful gardens for many years to come.


Customer Service: (877) 283-0697

Product Categories:

  • Pruning & Cutting
  • Watering & Irrigation