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I look forward to using these comfortable and durable work boots for years

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Our 60-acre farm lies at the bottom of a valley. With basically two seasons in our area–snow season and mud season–we need good boots year-round. Unfortunately, I’ve chased pigs through the mud in my slippers, milked the cow in flip flops, and tilled the garden in my husband’s size 13 muck boots.

I needed my own pair of all-purpose boots, both for safety and comfort. Fortunately, a pair of LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Lite Boots arrived for me to test.

Who doesn’t love a LaCrosse boot, right? I’m from Wisconsin, the birth state of the LaCrosse boot company, and locals all sport LaCrosse boots.


  • STYLE: 610034
  • WEIGHT: 3 lbs. per pair
  • HEIGHT: 14-inch
  • INSULATION: 5mm Neoprene
  • COLOR: Gray/Balsam Green
  • LINING: Polyester Jersey
  • TRACTION: Best for Mud
  • FOOTBED: Removable EVA Footbed
  • SHANK: Nylon Shank
  • COMFORT ZONE: rated at -20 to 60 degrees, or “Mild.” (Apparently, LaCrosse reserves the “Cold” and “Arctic” ratings for temperatures colder than 20 below. I hope I’m inside if it’s colder than -20 degrees, but it’s good to know options exist for people who need them.)


The huge box is surprisingly light. Judging by the weight, I thought perhaps I only received one boot to test. Thankfully, I found two boots beautifully packaged in a lined box. As an added bonus, the box is really nice. My mother and I argued briefly whether the box should become my new garden seed box or a jigsaw puzzle storage box for her. She won.

Lacrosse alpha lite boot unboxing

The boots arrived in a beautiful box, which we repurposed for storage.


I am a large-framed woman. I usually avoid women’s boots due to a tight calf fit. Often, I wear mid-calf boots for better comfort. However, the LaCrosse Alpha Lite boots offer a bit of stretch at the top cuff for a comfortable fit—the material isn’t rigid, as with many boots. The material’s flexibility makes the calf fit easily without gaps at the top, keeping water, mud, or manure from falling into the boot. When I wear my husband’s giant muck boots, inevitably muck enters the top gap of the boots, making my feet wet and dirty.

Lacrosse alpha lite boot on hay bale

The Alpha Lite boots fit my calves perfectly.


I admit I’m lazy when putting on boots. My favorite boots and shoes slip on without bending. I gravitate toward flip flops in the summer and clogs the rest of the year for convenience. The LaCrosse Alpha Lite boots, however, require bending and pulling due to the 90-degree ankle angle. But with an easy tug, my foot slid right in.

I ordered my boots one size larger than my normal shoe size to accommodate heavy wool socks. I prefer that the boots fit a little big in the summer when I wear thinner socks than struggle to put them on during cold days.


I tested the boots on all types of surfaces, including snow, ice, water, and mud. The boots provide great traction in the mud, water, and snow. Walking on icy areas in the boots proved fairly challenging, as the treads still slipped. However, my feet stayed toasty in mid-30 degree temperatures when I wore them for chores. Plus, when walking through water, my feet stayed completely dry. The boots live up to their waterproof status.

Lacrosse alpha lite boot standing in water

The boots were completely waterproof


The boots proved comfortable for all-day projects, offering an extremely light, non-restrictive, and flexible design. I moved about with ease and confidence while my husband danced after me in his tennis shoes, attempting to avoid puddles and mud while he took photos of my boots. He hopes I’ll review Men’s LaCrosse boots next.

Lacrosse alpha lite boot on steps

The boots offer comfort and protection while working.


I cheated when I removed the boots. Since my husband knows I hate to bend over and handle muddy boots, he bought me a boot remover. I highly recommend a boot remover for anyone who removes muddy boots on a daily basis. The boots come off easily, once the initial bit of suction breaks.

Lacrosse alpha lite boot with chickens

On wet or dry ground, the LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Lite boot offered comfort.


From the moment I opened the box, I saw that these boots offered excellent design and construction. I appreciated the traction, flexibility, and comfort of the boots. I often forgot I wore work boots, because they felt so light. A bit more room to slide my foot through the ankle would be appreciated, but most likely the space felt narrow due to my wide feet. Still, I easily put the boots on and took them off. I look forward to using the boots for years.

Lacrosse alpha lite boot tread

The tread on the boots is great for mucking around in the mud.


LaCrosse Footwear, Inc. warrants that its general occupational footwear products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 180 days from date of original purchase. With respect to its waterproof footwear and apparel products, LaCrosse warrants them free from leakage under normal use conditions for 180 days.


My favorite things about the LaCrosse boots:

  • Lightweight design. You can dance in these boots.
  • Generous calf diameter on the top cuff allows larger women to wear the boots.
  • Comfortable construction that kept my foot from slipping inside boot.

My least favorite thing:

  • Tight ankle passage when inserting foot


The LaCrosse Alpha Lite boots can be found of Amazon as well as directly on the LaCrosse website.

LaCrosse Women's Alpha Lite 14" Mid Calf Boot
A perfect work boot to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable in the toughest conditions. Ideal fit for women with wider calves.


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