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Haws Deluxe Plastic Watering Can: Product Review


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A good watering can is an essential tool for any gardener. Targeted watering can be a huge benefit for small seedlings and full planters alike. Although I have a combination of watering techniques for my large vegetable garden, as well as ornamental beds, it is particularly satisfying to water some plants by hand. So far, I’ve found the Haws Deluxe plastic watering can to be far superior to my old galvanized can.


Two ergonomic hand grips for balance.

Welcome to the 7 Liter Haws Deluxe Plastic Watering Can

The original design was created by John Haws in 1886 in England. It now comes in many sizes and styles, such as this lightweight (1.9 lbs) plastic version.

It came packed in a large box with a brass rose and supplemental downspout tucked into a little mesh bag.

Assembly is simple – just push on the chosen spout and fill the can with water. The opening on top is large enough to make filling it an easy task.

Easy To Use

The Haws Deluxe plastic watering can holds 7 liters, or 1.8 gallons. That’s not too heavy, but it’s helpful to use two hands when lifting and carrying it; Haws makes that easy by having two hand grips. I liked using the watering can two-handed for an ergonomic and less tiring carrying and watering position. Some reviews I’ve seen complained of a lack of balance but I think they must have used just one grip, which doesn’t seem to be the way Haws intended the watering can to be carried.

One other minor complaint voiced by others is the lack of any sort of holder for the extra spout, figuring it will get lost eventually. It does come with a mesh bag in which to keep the parts so I plan to store mine in the mesh bag inside one of my many plastic garden tool bins. I have a couple dedicated to various watering “parts”– connectors, washers, and nozzles, that all stay together.

This Haws watering can has a nice long spout that allows you to easily reach under the leaves of larger plants (it’s definitely a benefit to not get the leaves wet on some plants!).


Gentle watering of basil microgreens with the brass rose.

Two Handy Spouts

One of the best parts about the Haws watering can is the brass rose that creates a gentle rain when watering plants. Each hole is precision drilled so water comes out equally from all holes at once. A plastic rose simply cannot compare.

The Haws Deluxe plastic watering can also comes with plastic downspout. I don’t have a particular need for the downspout, but I suspect if I had tiny seedlings it would be ideal for watering the seed trays. I’ll give that a try next winter when I start my new transplants.


Downspout for watering small seedlings.

Care and Storage

To prevent the plastic from degrading, store the watering can out of direct sunlight. This will prevent bleaching and possible cracking of the plastic, particularly if you’re in hot southern regions. According to Haws, this thick-walled, injection-molded watering can will last at least 10 years compared to a typical molded version that might only last 5 years. The metal versions tend to be longer lasting, but they’re heavier so it’s a trade off.


Water with the rose facing up for a waterfall effect or with the rose facing down for more targeted root moisture.


Bosmere (the distributor in the USA) warrants the products will be of satisfactory quality and free of defects for a period of one year. Satisfaction of this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of the defective product, at Bosmere’s discretion.

Replacement roses are available from both Bosmere and online through Amazon. The one that comes with the watering can is oval rose model 320-2-3, but several other roses can also fit.

Where to Buy

The Haws Deluxe plasting watering can is distributed world-wide with many retail sources within the U.S.

It’s also available on Bosemere’s website where they sell it for $57, plus shipping.

Amazon carries the Haws watering can in green, as well as a terra cotta option for around $57. (Free shipping if you have Prime.)

Overall Rating

5 Shovels Rating from Gardening Products ReviewI give this tool a 5-shovel rating. Though it’s not inexpensive, it’s made with high quality materials and with some care, such as storing it out of harsh sunlight, it should last a decade or more. The replaceable brass rose will extend the life as well. I think the size, weight, and design are ideal for hand watering.

I particularly like the gentle, even, flow of the brass rose. It really makes watering efficient and thorough and my garden should survive the heat of summer a little more easily with my extra watering.

And now over to you – What’s your favorite outdoor watering can? Have you tried a Haws watering can? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Haws Deluxe Plastic Watering Can
The high-quality watering can makes hand watering a joy. The replaceable brass rose puts out a gentle, even flow that won't flatten your plants. At 1.8 gallons, it holds a lot of water but the two-handed grip keeps the can nicely balanced and easy to handle.

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  1. C. Knox

    Have a 5L plastic and like the reach and lightweight. However both spouts have split at the insertion point, and the rose has also leakage at brass to plastic interface. Parts are not easily obtained .

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