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The Gardener’s Hollow Leg collection bags are good for gathering small weeds and trimmings or harvesting fruits, veggies, etc.

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The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is an innovative gathering or harvesting bag with a waist strap (belt) that comes in handy when working in the flower garden, veggie patch, landscape, or around the house.


The Gardener’s Hollow Leg comes in two sizes. The larger version will hold 5 gallons of pesky weeds, small prunings, or deadheading debris and can also be used to harvest fruits or vegetables. The Junior one-gallon version is an ideal way to get your children to help you weed the garden! And it can be used to harvest small fruits. Adults can also use it for harvesting nuts or berries, for mushroom foraging, or for gathering eggs from your flock of chickens.

The collection bag is rated to hold up to 33 lbs. and remains comfortable as long as you are wearing clothing that isn’t too thin. The bag’s fabric is a water repellant synthetic material that is very tough and resistant to tearing.

Large Hollow Leg

  • Length: 21 inches deep
  • Top Ring Opening:  9 inches in diameter
  • Color Options: Celery Green, Hunter Green (shown) and Sky Blue
  • Belt: 30-52 inches
Gardener's Hollow Leg large

Large Hollow Leg is worn loosely around your waist to keep your hands free

Junior Hollow Leg

  • Length: 12 inches deep
  • Top Ring Opening: 6 inches in diameter
  • Color Options: Celery Green, Lemon Yellow (shown) and Sky Blue
  • Belt: 25-52 inches
Gardener's Hollow Leg Jr

Junior Hollow Leg is worn loosely around your waist keeping your hands free.


The synthetic nylon-type webbing belt is worn loosely around your waist, is adjustable from 25 (or 30) to 52 inches, and is very comfortable worn loosely over your garden clothes. It clips closed with a strong plastic fastener (double adjust side release buckle). The belt can also be used to hold your other tool holsters you may have, such as a pruner.

The bag is made of recycled polyester and the water-resistant material will keep your clothes from getting wet and muddy.

There is a ring at the top of the bag that holds it open, making it easy to drop in whatever you’re gathering. When you’re ready to empty the bag, there’s a handy strap on the bottom so you can easily turn it upside-down to dump out the contents. This strap isn’t intended to be fastened to your leg. It’s meant to be a handle to help with emptying. It is easy to ignore it until you need to empty your full bag of weeds.

The bag hung by my side and stayed in place most of the time. Having the bag stay put on my leg side was really a function of how much I tightened the waist belt. A comfortable “snug” of the belt kept the bag in a place that was most comfortable for me. With the large Gardener’s Hollow Leg, it did not get in the way as long as I kept it hanging parallel to the outside of one of my legs. If the bag slipped in front of me (between my legs) then it would have become a problem, getting in the way when on ladders or just walking around. However, I didn’t find any problems with the bag staying put.

When the bag is empty, the opening hangs by your side (it doesn’t stick out like in the photos below). It’s only as the bag starts to fill up that the opening becomes perpendicular to your leg. So while it’s supposed to be a hands-free way to gather debris and other stuff, it’s not really hands-free until it’s partially full – you’ll initially need to hold the opening away from your leg to get material into it.

I used the Gardener’s Hollow Leg for spring garden cleanup and while weeding. It certainly made the job easier!

Gardeners Hollow leg with Geranium

Dropping weeds into the Gardener’s Hollow Leg is easy.


The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is guaranteed for one year from defects in materials and workmanship.


The Gardener’s Hollow Leg bags are nice additions to the gardening tool arsenal. They’re made of quality materials with no defects, are simple to use, don’t require a big investment and they store easily. They even have a pocket to store your cell phone or equivalent MP3 player.

I use the 5-gallon or the 1-gallon bag while foraging in the woods for morels or ramps (*Note that foraging wild plants is prohibited in many areas – only forage in designated areas.). The compact and hands-free design make this a hiker’s favorite.

As for using them in the home garden­ – I always have a wheelbarrow or a flexible garden tub of some kind. Plus my weed volume will overflow even the 5-gallon bag in minutes! But to be fair, the Gardener’s Hollow Leg is designed for smaller jobs.

If you only have container plantings, then these might be all you need for collecting small weeds, clippings or prunings. And the Junior version may be just the motivation your child needs to get out there and help weed or harvest.


The Gardener’s Hollow Leg bags are available from garden shops across the country as well as Amazon.

You can also order them directly from The Gardeners Hollow Leg website. The 5-gallon bag is $29.99, the Junior size is $24.99. Shipping is $6.30 or free with 5 or more going to the same address.

Gardeners Hollow Leg Strap On Sack
Good for gathering small weeds and trimmings or harvesting fruits, veggies, etc.

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