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Dirty Little Digger: Product Review


Ease of Use:

A versatile tool that combines the functions of several tools into one comfortable, easy-to-use implement

Overall Score 4

Weeding is one of the gardening tasks that most gardeners dislike and dread. It’s tedious, labor-intensive, hard on the knees and back, and never-ending. So finding a tool that makes weeding even just a little easier is always a good thing.

I work with many gardeners at a local demonstration garden, and we had the opportunity to try the Dirty Little Digger weeding tool in a variety of situations, gardening chores and seasons.

Here’s what we found …


The Dirty Little Digger is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide variety of gardening tasks.

Versatile Multi-Use Tool

Overall, we found that the Dirty Little Digger is a very versatile, sturdy and easy-to-use garden tool. We used it for scooping, transplanting, digging, planting, and cutting, as well as basic weeding.

The scoop shape works very well for myriad tasks and chores. For example, it makes it easy to transfer soil, compost or mulch from one place to another, dig it into the soil and then ‘rake’ it out level using the serrated edge.


It’s perfect for scooping and raking.


The marked measurements come in handy when planting bulbs

The scoop has measurements marked on the surface, which allow you to make rows and planting holes (for example, for bulbs) to the exact depth and spacing needed.

The pointed tip makes it easy to break up clods of dirt and make furrows for planting seeds.

As a bonus you can use the Dirty Little Digger’s serrated edge to cut vines, small branches and roots as you’re cleaning up the garden.

Although the scoop has a serrated edge and is pointed, safety should not be of concern if used properly

The pointed scoop and serrated edges make easy work of weeding between individual plants and rows.  By using the serrated edge you can scrape small weeds, root and all, into a pile and discard them.  Larger more established weeds do take a bit more effort and use of the pointed tip to dislodge them, but it’s still very easy and doesn’t require much force or effort.


The serrated edges and pointed tip make the Dirty Little Digger even more versatile.

Sturdy and Comfortable to Use

The Dirty Little Digger has a silicone handle that’s comfortable to grip even after extended periods of use and it feels very secure in the hand.

The large spoon-shaped scoop is made of stainless steel and should not rust if cared for properly; wipe it clean after use.

Although very sturdy, the Dirty Little Digger should not be used for gardening chores that are beyond its scope of use, like prying up pavers, large rocks, or deep roots, for example.

The Dirty Little Digger is made in China by Ultimate Innovations.


The Dirty Little Digger is a versatile tool that combines the functions of several tools into one comfortable, easy-to-use implement. Substantial yet not weighty (heavy), Dirty Little Digger has many uses.  From chores that require a delicate touch, like weeding around transplants, to others that require a sturdy hand, like transferring mulch or compost, Dirty Little Digger is one tool for your gardening tool bag that can and will replace several others.

Where To Buy

The Dirty Little Digger is available online at www.shopdepalma.com.  It retails for $24.95 plus shipping.  It is also available at QVC (item #48942) for $19.32. Unfortunately it’s not available through Amazon.

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