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Deluxe Tractor Scoot from Gardener’s Supply Company: Product Review


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The Deluxe Tractor Scoot is a handy tool when you just want to sit down and garden without getting on your knees or stooping.

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The Deluxe Tractor Scoot from Gardener’s Supply Company is a wheeled, adjustable seat with an attached basket, a tool tray and a handle for pulling it around. It’s intended to let you work in a seated position when gardening (or doing anything, really), which is extremely helpful for those of us with a bad back, knees or hips. I tried it out this spring when my garden sprung to life.

Everyone was ready for the winter of 2017 to exit. Since I live in Zone 7b, winter left right on time and was replaced by abundant rains which, in turn, brought abundant weeds. It was a close race between the weeds and the flowers for a while. I have multiple flowerbeds of all shapes and sizes. My ambition to maintain these beds outpaces my ability some seasons. So the arrival of the Tractor Scoot by Gardener’s Supply Company was a timely and welcomed addition to my family of gardening tools.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot fully assembled

The tractor scoot provides a sturdy seat and easy maneuverability in the garden

Unpacking and assembly

The Deluxe Tractor Scoot arrived in remarkably good shape since it was originally sent to a wrong address due to a typographical error on my street number. Nevertheless, the product was still packaged snugly, and each piece was individually wrapped in plastic.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot unpacking

The components of the tractor scoot were well packed for shipping, for easy identification, and to prevent scratches to the finish.

The deluxe tractor scoot weighed in at 37 pounds since it is made from strong, powder-coated steel (it can hold up to 400lbs of weight). If you have back or knee issues, you may want to ask for help as you go through the assembly process.

Assembly took about 2 hours using the easy-to-follow instructions.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot ready to assemble

Laying out the components and grouping them aided in easy assembly

The only recommendation I would make is to use a socket wrench instead of the regular or adjustable wrenches shown in the “tools needed” section of the assembly instructions. The socket wrench made fast work of tightening the bolts on the axles, at each end of the under-seat tray, and underneath the tractor seat. I had a set of socket wrenches with a variety of sockets – I used the ½ inch and 11/16 inch sockets.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot tools needed

A large flat head screwdriver, a ½ wrench, pliers, and a socket wrench made the assembly quick and easy

The instructions included directions for unpacking, laying out the pieces and instructions to use the tray as a holder for all the nuts, bolts and washers.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot under seat tray

The tray provided a handy holder for the various screws, nuts and washers as suggested in the instructions.

My only issue with assembly was that I tightened the bolts on the front axle and steering link connector too tight, and it was difficult to turn. When I loosened the bolts, the handle turned easily. NOTE: the instructions had stated not to over tighten, but I did it anyway.

Easy To Use

Maneuverable – The first step in using the deluxe tractor scoot is to get it to where you’ll be working in the garden. I found it simple to pull the scoot with the adjustable handle (it extends for pulling so it works well for gardeners of nearly any height) and the front wheels turned without difficulty, making it easy to maneuver into place by my weed-infested daylily bed.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot ready to start

The weed infested daylily bed was easy to conquer from the comfort of the tractor scoot

Tray – The under-seat tray is a nice way to carry small tools weighing up to 5 lbs. You can’t put anything large in the tray (that’s what the basket is for) but gloves, a cultivator, trowel or hand pruners all fit nicely. It also keeps your phone in a protected place if you don’t have a pocket.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot tray use

The under-seat tray provides a handy place to place small tools while weeding.

Basket – The basket easily accommodates a 5-gallon bucket or a standard 3 ½-gallon No products found. and carries up to 40 pounds.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot bucket basket

The basket can easily hold a 3 ½ gallon tubtrug or a 5 gallon bucket with contents up to 40 pounds

Wheels/Tires – The 10-inch tires came fully inflated and made pulling the scoot easy to maneuver across a variety of surfaces, including lawn, gravel and mulch. The tire pressure should be maintained at 30 PSI so you’ll need a bicycle pump or air compressor on hand in case they need to be inflated.

Handle – The 3-position handle extends for pulling and then locks into place for assistance as a handhold when you’re trying to rise from a seated position. That hand hold is especially handy if you’re at all unsteady or are dealing with recent injuries or surgeries.

Adjustable Seat Height – It’s easy to adjust the height of the tractor seat – just turn it (clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on whether it needs to go up or down) until it’s at the right height. I was able to sit comfortably with my feet on the ground and my legs at a ninety-degree angle to my thighs.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot adjustable height

The tractor seat adjusts easily to the correct height by simply turning the seat to move it up or down

Even after extended periods of time spent weeding, the tractor scoot was extremely comfortable to use. The wide seat makes sitting to weed a pleasure. I could easily reach about 18 inches into the garden bed to weed and I didn’t experience the normal back strain I usually encounter when weeding.

Gardeners Supply tractor scoot mission accomplished

After more than an hour of weeding, my mission was finished without the normal back strain since I was weeding from a sitting position

Available in 3 Colors – The tractor scoot comes in your choice of three fun colors: red, blue or bright green.


This product is extremely sturdy and durable and should last for years if protected from the elements. The powder coating provided a superb finish. The tractor scoot rolls and maneuvers easily, and the wide seat is shaped for comfort and support.


This product is well-made and provided a comfortable seat for a long interval. The only improvement I would desire is the ability to use this on an incline without rolling since I have inclines in my garden. The package insert advises not to use the tractor scoot on inclines as the seat may tip over. However, I found the tractor scoot to be very stable until the incline was more than 30 degrees – at that angle, the tractor scoot wanted to roll down the hill. I suppose it all depends on how steep the incline is and whether you have the tractor scoot positioned in line with the incline or sideways.


Gardeners’ Supply Company offers a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it for exchange or refund of purchase price less shipping costs. There is a return shipping label and instructions on how to package and return the Tractor Scoot to the company.


I would recommend this product for anyone who enjoys spending time in the garden but can no longer bend, stoop or stand for long periods or if you just want to be in a relaxed sitting position while working in the garden. In fact, my mother now has a Tractor Scoot, and since she has had a previous hip replacement, this product is meeting a vital need for both comfort and safety as she works in her garden.

Where to Buy

The Deluxe Tractor Scoot can be ordered online from, by phone or by mail. The company’s address is:

Gardeners’ Supply
Catamount Industrial Park 947
Route 7
South Milton, VT  05468
Phone number: 800-876-5520.

It is also available on Amazon, but is significantly more expensive.

Tractor Garden Scooter with Bucket Basket, Heavy-Duty Rolling Garden Cart with Swivel Seat and...
Ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time in the garden but can no longer bend, stoop or stand for long periods - or for those who just want to be in a relaxed sitting position while working in the garden

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