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A.M. Leonard Four Wheel Hose Cart with Flat Free Tires (Model # FHW300): Product Review

I would recommend this hose cart for anyone who needs to move garden hoses around a larger yard. It truly is a fantastic piece of gear. It’s sturdy, stable, highly maneuverable and simple to use. And, even when fully loaded with a long, premium garden hose (it’ll hold 300 feet!), it’s still easy to push around on the flat free tires. Plus, there’s a handy basket to carry hose nozzles and small gardening tools. Continue Reading

Liberty Garden Model 1200 Two-Wheel Hose Cart: Product Review

You may be wondering why anyone would need a hose cart or portable hose reel. Well, if you can’t store or hang your hose near an outdoor spigot, if you don’t like the look of a hose reel, or if it would be a tripping or safety hazard, then a hose cart solves your problem. You can quickly move the hose cart into position, hook up the hose, and then store it in a convenient Continue Reading