Seeds & Seed Starting

Growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed is both incredibly simple and terribly complicated. The basic steps – sow the seeds, provide water and light, transplant when it’s big enough – are easy enough. But knowing when, how, where, and why to do these things is a different matter altogether.

We’ve pulled together some helpful resources to get you started with sowing and growing seeds successfully.

If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments below!

How To …
Growing Seedlings Under Indoor Grow LightsGrowing Seedlings Under Indoor Grow Lights
The Making of a Cookbook: Writing the ManuscriptWhere to Buy Seeds
Five Keys to Successful Seed StartingFive Keys to Successful Seed Starting
When to Start Seeds IndoorsWhen to Start Seeds Indoors
Products & Reviews
Best Seed Starting MixesThe Best Seed Starting Mixes
Seed Starting Grow Kit from Gardeners SupplySeed Starting Grow Kit from Gardeners Supply
Peel Away Pots Kit from Gardeners SupplyPeel Away Pots Kit from Gardeners Supply
SunLite Garden Indoor Grow Light & StandSunLite Garden Indoor Grow Light & Stand

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