Seeds & Seed Starting

When to Start Seeds Indoors
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Sowing Seeds Directly in the Garden
Seed Sowing Tips Prepare the bed well before sowing - till and remove any clumps or stones Be sure the[...]
Tabletop SunLite® Garden: Product Review
If you don’t have enough natural light to start seeds indoors (and most of us don’t, especially during the winter)[...]
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Growing Seedlings Under Indoor Grow Lights
Anyone who’s tried growing plants from seed knows that proper lighting is critical to producing an abundance of stocky, green[...]
Where to Buy Seeds
There are many options for buying seeds, from your local grocery or hardware store to the garden centers, catalogs, and[...]
Best Seed Starting Mixes: Guide & Recommendations
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Five Keys to Successful Seed Starting
As spring slowly approaches, many gardeners start thinking about growing plants indoors from seed. Here are the five things you'll[...]