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Soil Testing Labs at Cooperative Extension Offices Listed State-by-State

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Cooperative Extension Offices – Most state universities provide excellent and affordable soil testing services through their Cooperative Extension Service. In many cases, you get both soil testing and fertilizer/amendment recommendations based on the test results and the crop/plants you’re growing in the area that was tested.

Before collecting a soil sample for testing, don’t forget to read our explanation of how, why, and when to take soil samples.

Here are links to the soil testing services for state universities across the country. In cases where the university doesn’t provide soil testing, there’s information about alternative options that they recommend. You’ll find a lot of useful information on these pages!

NOTE: Websites often change their structure and content. While the links below were accurate when this page was published, some may no longer go to the desired end location. Please let us know if that’s the case with any of the links below.

AL – Auburn University Soil Testing Laboratory

AK – Soil Testing Labs

AZ – University of Arizona Cooperative Extension – Soil Testing Labs

AR – University of Arkansas System – Soil Testing and Research Laboratory

CA – University of California Cooperative Extension (there isn’t a central location on their website – search for “soil test” on the site to see the various options by county)

CO – Colorado State University – Soil Testing

CT – University of Connecticut – Soil Testing Program (listed by county)

DE- University of Delaware Soil Testing Program

FL – University of Florida Cooperative Extension – Soil Testing Services

GA – University of Georgia Cooperative Extension – Soil Testing

HI – University of Hawaii at Mānoa – Soil Testing

ID – University of Idaho – Soil Chemical and Physical Analyses

IL- University of Illinois Extension – Soil Testing Labs

IN- Purdue University Soil Sampling & Testing

IA – Iowa State University – Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory

KS – Kansas State University Agronomy Soil Testing Lab

KY – The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture – Cooperative Extension Fayette County

LA – Louisiana State University – Soil Testing & Plant Analysis Lab

ME – The University of Maine – Cooperative Extension Publications Soil Testing

MD – University of Maryland Co-Op Ext Soil Testing Services

MA – University of Massachusetts Soil Testing Program

MI – Michigan State University – Soil Testing

MN – University of Minnesota – The Soil Testing Laboratory

MS – The Mississippi State University – Soil Testing

MO – University of Missouri Extension – Soil Testing & Plant Diagnostic Services

MT – Montana State University Extension – Soil Testing Information and Labs

NE – University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Soil Testing Information and Labs

NV – University of Nevada Las Vegas – Environmental Soil Analysis Laboratory

NH – University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension – Soil Testing

NJ – Rutgers University Cooperative Extension Office Soil Test Program

NM – New Mexico State University – Soil Testing Labs

NY – Cornell University Cooperative Extension

NC – North Carolina Department of Agriculture – Soil Testing Services

ND – North Dakota State University Soil Testing Lab

OH – The Ohio State University – Soil Testing Resources

OK – Oklahoma State University – Soil Testing

OR – Oregon State University Central Analytical Laboratory – Soil Testing

PA – Penn State Soil Testing Services

RI – University of Rhode Island Soil Testing Program ( in conjunction with UMass)

SC – Clemson University Cooperative Extension – Soil Testing

SD – South Dakota State University – Soil Testing Labs

TN – University of Tennesse Soil, Plant, and Pest Center

TX – Texas Agrilife Extension Service Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Service

UT – Utah State University Soil Testing Laboratory

VT – University of Vermont Soil Testing

VA – Virginia Tech Soil Testing Lab

WA – Washington State University Soils and Soil Testing

WV – West Virginia University Soil Testing Laboratory

WI – University of Wisconsin Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory

WY – University of Wyoming – Soil Testing Laboratory

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