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Watering & Irrigation

Dramm ColorStorm Impulse Sprinkler featured image

Dramm ColorStorm Impulse Sprinkler: Product Review

Dramm ColorStorm Whirling Sprinkler

Dramm ColorStorm Whirling Sprinkler: Product Review

Melnor Pulsating Sprinkler with step spike

Melnor All Metal Pulsating (Impact) Sprinkler: Product Review

Best lawn and garden sprinklers

Best Lawn & Garden Sprinklers: Guide & Recommendations

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler Featured Image

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler: Product Review

Pots, Planters & Containers

Sili-Seedlings seed starting tray review

Sili-Seedlings Seed Starting Tray: Product Review

AeroGarden Featured Image

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi: Product Review

Watex Urban Farming Green Wall Kit Featured Image

Watex Urban Farming Green Wall Kit: Product Review


Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots: Product Review


Elevated Rolling U-Garden and Watering System: Product Review

Cutting & Pruning


Corona 1¼-inch Long Reach Pruner (TP 3206): Product Review


Corona Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Bypass Pruner (LR 3460): Product Review

Best pruning saws guide featured image

Best Pruning Saws: Guide & Recommendations

Centurion Link-Force Lopper Featured Image

Centurion Powerful Link-Force Double-Gear Drive Lopper: Product Review

bypass pruner care and maintenance

Bypass Pruner Care & Maintenance: Cleaning, Lubricating, Tightening & Sharpening

Lawn & Yard Care


Yardmax Chipper Shredder (YW7565): Product Review


Earthquake® Tazz Chipper Shredder (30520 K32): Product Review


Redback 120V Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower: Product Review


Yard Force 120V RX Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower: Product Review

Leaf Gulp and Leaf Gulp II Featured Image

Leaf Gulp: Product Review

Weeding & Cultivating


Scotts WeedOut Pro Weeder: Product Review


Bernzomatic Lawn and Garden Torch (JT850): Product Review

Corona WeedDESTROYER featured image

Corona WeedDESTROYER: Product Review


Garden Weasel Rotary Cultivator: Product Review


Gardener’s Hollow Leg: Product Review

Carrying & Hauling

Leaf Gulp and Leaf Gulp II Featured Image

Leaf Gulp: Product Review


Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer: Product Review


Deluxe Tractor Scoot from Gardener’s Supply Company: Product Review


Gardener’s Hollow Leg: Product Review


Allsop WheelEasy™ Foldable Garden Cart: Product Review

Gloves & Clothing


Digz Gardener High Performance Women’s Gardening Gloves: Product Review


Split Leg Utility Apron from Gardener’s Supply Company: Product Review

Foxgloves Works

Foxgloves Works Gardening Gloves: Product Review


Leather Rose Gauntlet Gloves by Womanswork: Product Review


Foxgloves Original Gardening Gloves: Product Review

Gardening Books

Naturalist's Notebook book review

The Naturalist’s Notebook: Book Review

cover of The Plant Listener

The Plant Listener by Julie C. Kilpatrick: Book Review

Vegetables Love Flowers Book Featured Image

Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting For Beauty and Bounty by Lisa Mason Ziegler: Book Review


The Guide To Humane Critter Control: Natural, Nontoxic Pest Solutions To Protect Your Yard And Garden by Theresa Rooney: Book Review


‘Success With Hydrangeas, A Gardeners Guide’ by Lorraine Ballato: Book Review

Video Tutorials & How-To's

Step-by-step demonstrations and explanations for how to fix things, grow things and do things better in the garden.


How to Sharpen Pruner Blades with a Carbide Sharpener

Sharpen lawn mower blades

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Remove replace felco pruner blades

How to Remove and Replace Felco Pruner Blades

replace bahco pruner blades

How to Remove and Replace the Blades on a BAHCO Bypass Pruner

how to remove a lawnnmower blade

How to Remove & Replace a Lawnmower Blade

Plant Tomatoes No Garden

How to Grow Tomatoes in a Bag of Potting Soil

repair damaged garden hose

How to Fix a Ruptured, Punctured or Leaking Garden Hose

plant tomatoes seedlings

How to Plant Tomatoes to Maximize Your Harvest

repair damaged end garden hose

How to Repair the Damaged End of a Garden Hose


Seed Starting, Part 2: What To Do After Germination

Introduction to Chainsaw Oil

Chainsaw Oil Tutorial

how to remove sap

How to Clean Pruner Blades (and Remove Sap!)