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The Gardening Products Review is the only website dedicated to providing honest, objective reviews of gardening products. If it’s used in the garden, we review it!

Our content is viewed as highly trustworthy. As a result, readership has doubled every year.

Becoming a giveaway sponsor provides an opportunity for you to reach a targeted, highly engaged audience that is responsive to products and services that meet their unique interests and needs.

“There are so many new gardening products introduced each year that it’s hard to know which are worthwhile and which aren’t. We cut through the clutter to give you an honest, unbiased view of the good, the bad, and the ugly.”
Monica Hemingway
Founder, The Gardening Products Review

Site Traffic

Because gardening is a seasonal activity, website traffic fluctuates across the seasons. May, June and December are our biggest months, with traffic in the 60,000 – 80,000 range. It addition, GPR has more than 6,200 Twitter followers.

Reader Profile

Our readers come from all walks of life but are connected by a keen interest in the ins and outs of gardening products.

  • They’re ready to buy – they just need to know that the product they’re looking at is worth their money.
  • They want the whole truth – not the usual marketing jargon and PR pitch.
  • And they’re willing to share their opinion and experiences with other readers.

79% of our readers reside in the USA, with a further 10% in Canada.

Viewers are almost equally divided between men and women, and half are under age 55.

We reach an underserved market that’s eager for more information to guide their buying decisions. 16% of our readers click through to a Buy Now link after reading a positive review.

Giveaway Types That We Accept

Because we write objective product reviews based on our own experience with an item, we cannot accept advertising from the products (or companies that make the products) that we review. However, we’re happy to work with companies whose products have earned a 5-shovel rating from us to offer those products in a giveaway to our readers.

We’re also able to showcase a limited number of related products in our giveaways, such as the following:

  • Fertilizers, soil, planting mixes and plant health care products (organic only)
  • Larger garden or landscape equipment
  • Plants and seeds
  • Books and magazines
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor décor

If you’re unsure whether or not your product would fit within our guidelines, please reach out to Monica Hemingway at [email protected].

Things We Don’t Do

We do not accept text link advertising. Ever.

We don’t accept ‘do follow’ links to any compensated advertising. Google doesn’t like that. In fact, all of our external links are ‘no follow’.

We also don’t accept sponsored posts, content or reviews. That would compromise our objectivity.

Sponsored Giveaway Options

We ask you to provide copy for the website about your product, although we reserve the right to edit it to fit within our style guide. You’ll have a chance to review any edits before publication.

You can also provide a 250 x 250 px sidebar ad if you’d like. It must be clear that the image is an ad for the giveaway. No flashing ads, please.

Our simple, responsive design makes it easy for readers to see your giveaway banners, even on the smallest screen sizes.

The giveaway will be run through the KingSumo Giveaways app and the winners will be chosen at random.

Please provide a minimum of 3 prizes (they can all be the same item – we just like to have 3+ winners).

All giveaways and the winners are publicized on the website, to our email subscribers (2,000+), and on social media. We typically have around 6,000-7,000 entries per giveaway (although this depends on the attractiveness of the prize).

For further details, please contact Monica Hemingway at [email protected].