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Stop and Smell the Roses!

The voluptuous English Roses of David Austin are generally regarded as among the most fragrant groups of roses available today. In addition to vigor and lush flowers, fragrance has been a hallmark of Austin breeding since the beginning in 1961. Today the catalog of fragrances waiting to tempt and delight growers of English Roses spans the full range of classic old rose or tea rose fragrances, from fruity to flora to musky or spicy and beyond.

We’ve chosen three gorgeous English Roses from David Austin for this giveaway. No matter your scent or color preference, you’ll find one (or more) roses here to tempt you!

We’ll randomly choose THREE winners from all of the confirmed entries. Each winner will have their choice of one of the three roses shown below.

Giveaway opens February 1, 2017.

Giveaway ends February 8, 2016 at midnight MST.

You’ll get an email from Gardening Products Review after you enter.  You MUST click on the link in that email to confirm your entry. Only confirmed entries are eligible to win.

L.D. Braithwaite David Austin roses

L.D. Braithwaite – There are several dark red English Roses, but this is a lighter, brighter crimson, which is slow to fade, so it has long been a valuable addition to our collection. It is related to ‘Mary Rose’ and has many of that rose’s good garden qualities. The petals are loosely arranged to form beautiful, large, slightly cupped blooms that open wide and flat. Flowers are produced with remarkable continuity. There is little scent until the flower ages, when it develops a charming Old Rose fragrance. Zones 4 – 10. Grows to 4.5 feet tall, 4 feet wide.

Lady of Shalott David Austin rose

Lady of Shalott – One of the most reliable and hardy roses in our collection – an ideal rose for the inexperienced gardener. It is highly resistant to disease and will bloom with unusual continuity throughout the season. The young buds are a rich orange-red that open to form chalice-shaped blooms, filled with loosely arranged petals. Each petal has a salmon pink upper side, which contrasts beautifully with the attractive golden yellow reverse. The flowers have a pleasant, warm Tea fragrance, with hints of spiced apple and cloves. It quickly forms a large, bushy shrub with slightly arching stems. The mid-green leaves have attractive, slightly bronzed tones when young. Zones 4 – 10. Grows to 4 feet tall, 3.5 feet wide.

Harlow Carr David Austin rose

Harlow Carr – A tough and particularly healthy little rose that bears flowers of the most perfect formation – shallow cups of the purest rose pink. These hold their form to the end; the occasional petal falling back to give a pleasing effect. The young foliage is bronze at first, later becoming green. There is a strong, pure Old Rose fragrance that has been described as reminiscent of rose-based cosmetics. Zones 4 – 10. Grows to 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide.

All photos credit David Austin Roses

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