Watering & Irrigation

Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose: Product Review

I am pleasantly surprised how much I like this hose and I would absolutely purchase it for my garden use. It really is kink free, lightweight but very durable, and easy to coil or store away. Plus, unlike other expandable hoses, it stretches to a full-size 5/8 inch diameter and 50 feet in length. With a 5-year warranty and no signs of wear after almost a year of extensive use in the garden, it’s clearly Continue Reading

Haws Deluxe Plastic Watering Can: Product Review

The high-quality watering can makes hand watering a joy. The replaceable brass rose puts out a gentle, even flow that won't flatten your plants. At 1.8 gallons, it holds a lot of water but the two-handed grip keeps the can nicely balanced and easy to handle. The tough yet lightweight injection-molded plastic should last 10 years or more, making this a good alternative to a heavier metal watering can. Continue Reading

Black & Decker Snake Wand™ Watering Nozzle: Product Review

The Snake Wand™ is a 36-inch watering wand with a flexible head and 9 spray patterns. It definitely makes watering jobs easier in hard to reach places. However, we had a quality issue with it (the pin holding the trigger in place fell out so the nozzle couldn’t be used – the company quickly replaced it under the 5-year warranty) and it’s difficult to control water flow (water comes out under high pressure). Continue Reading

Dramm Revolution 9-Pattern Spray Gun with One Touch Valve: Product Review

If you’re looking for a hose nozzle with multiple spray patterns, this is a great choice. With high quality parts and a lifetime guarantee, it’s sure to last. And with your choice of six fun colors, it’s stylish and not easily lost in the garden. It can also be used for non-gardening chores, such as washing the car or cleaning lawn furniture. Continue Reading

Dramm Brass Hose Swivel (13825): Product Review

If you’ve ever tried to wrestle a heavy hose across the yard and then untangle the kinks before you can start watering the garden, then you’ll love the Dramm brass hose swivel. This heavy-duty connector goes between the hose and the nozzle, sprinkler or spigot. It rotates 360 so the hose stays put while you hold the nozzle or move the sprinkler. No more kinks, no more twisting to straighten out the hose, no more Continue Reading

Liberty Garden Model 1200 Two-Wheel Hose Cart: Product Review

You may be wondering why anyone would need a hose cart or portable hose reel. Well, if you can’t store or hang your hose near an outdoor spigot, if you don’t like the look of a hose reel, or if it would be a tripping or safety hazard, then a hose cart solves your problem. You can quickly move the hose cart into position, hook up the hose, and then store it in a convenient Continue Reading