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Garden in Minutes Raised Bed Kit & Watering Grid: Product Review

This raised bed and the integrated watering system are so simple. You can quite literally set everything up in minutes without any tools and then enjoy the rest of your evening or weekend. It’s compact enough to place in a small yard (but also available in larger sizes), comes with free seeds (always a plus in my book!) and stands up well to weather and aging (mine still looks great after a full year of use).

Instabrace Raised Bed Corners: Product Review

The Bloom Instabrace raised bed corners from Bond Manufacturing promise to turn designing and building a raised bed into a quick, easy and tool-free task. In reality, it’s not quite that simple. What’s the Instabrace? There are two common reasons why people don’t purchase or set up raised beds: premade ones may not be the […]

Big Bag Bed: Product Review

  So why not try something a little different? Like a fabric raised bed… The Big Bag Bed is basically a large bag with a flat bottom made out of geotextile (you’ll often see it used as landscape fabric). Created by High Caliper Growing, the makers of Smart Pots, it’s intended for use as a […]

Urban Elevated Planter from CedarCraft: Product Review

Elevated planters seem to be all the rage these days, and with good reason. With the planting bed at waist height you don’t need to bend over to garden and most garden pests, such as rabbits and voles, can’t get at your plants (although squirrels and raccoons can get at pretty much anything). And if you use a good raised bed planting mix, you’ll eliminate the problems associated with soil-borne pathogens and weeds.

Heroclip® (a Combination Carabiner and Swivel Hook): Product Review

What can I say, I love the Heroclip® and I absolutely recommend it. The Heroclip® is a combination of a carabiner and a 3600 swivel hook, letting you use it as both a clip and a hook. It’s a rugged and rustproof tool made from high quality materials, with excellent fit and finish. Plus, it’s available in 3 sizes and a multitude of colors.

Although it’s not something you’d normally think of as a “gardening tool”, there are so many uses for it in the garden. Hang buckets, tubs and baskets from nearly anything, hook things together, keep hoses off the ground … It’s also a great help for gardeners who have trouble bending over. And if you want to hang grocery bags off your shopping cart (or any number of other uses), just take the Heroclip® out of the gardening environment and use it in other applications. I now carry one on my keychain – just in case.

WOLF-Garten® Interlocken DAS Crumbler and Soil Cultivator: Product Review

The WOLF-Garten® Crumbler and Soil Cultivator is a lightweight yet sturdy tool that does a good job of loosening topsoil and hoeing small weeds. It consists of a 4-tined rotary cultivator with a stirrup hoe attachment that makes it even more effective and is a welcome addition to what would’ve otherwise been “just another cultivator.” Note that the cultivator/hoe is sold separately from the handle (pole) as part of WOLF-Garten’s Interlocken® system of interchangeable tools and handles.

Miracle-Gro Soaker System Kit: Product Review

This 3/8-inch soaker hose system is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to water garden beds efficiently. Available in three different lengths, the hose is easy to cut to whatever lengths you need to design a customized watering system. The connectors attach quickly without any tools and don’t leak (when properly attached). I recommend it for gardeners who need to water small edible gardens, drip water around trees, or who have more than one bed that needs consistent watering.

Gardening with Emma: Grow and Have Fun: A Kid-to-Kid Guide, by Emma Biggs – Book Review

12-year old author Emma Biggs intended this book to be a “Kid-to-Kid Guide,” featuring fun photography, appealing illustrations and no-nonsense advice. But whether you are young or old, new to gardening or very experienced, you will learn from and enjoy the gardening journey Emma has created. She does an excellent job reminding all of us why we garden – for the fun of it. But perhaps the biggest gift Emma gives with this book is inspiring young gardeners to be good stewards of nature, to grow plants and, most importantly, to have fun outdoors.

Truly Garden Hori Hori: Product Review

Overall, I am pleased with the performance of this traditional digging knife. It is a perfectly functional hori hori with a strong, sharp blade, and comes with Truly Garden, hori hori, digging knife a leather sheath and sharpening rod. I would (and likely will) buy it again when looking for a traditional soil knife. However, the handle is not particularly ergonomic so leaves my hand a bit sore and cramped after extended use and the blade loosened over time.

Earthquake® Versa Tiller Cultivator: Product Review

Don’t be fooled by the small package – this is a powerful tiller cultivator that can be operated safely and easily by most gardeners. It’s highly adjustable, with options to use 2 or 4 tines at widths of 11, 16 and 21 inches, and depths up to 11 inches. It’s reliable, starts easily and is highly maneuverable. Anyone who has a new yard or garden with soil that needs to be broken up can save hours of otherwise back-breaking work with the Versa Tiller Cultivator.

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Galvanized Self-Watering Planter from Gardener’s Supply: Product Review

This is one of my favorite self-watering planters. Not only does it look great, it also works very well. The capillary tubes do a fantastic job of wicking water from the reservoir up to the plant roots. The galvanized steel sides and faux wood aluminum trim withstand even Tucson’s summer blast furnace. And the optional casters make the planters easy to move around.